International Trade


• International regulation: analysis of principles and regulatory provisions.
•Tax barriers: imposition of tariffs and taxes imposed on imports.
• Customs processes: Tariff classification, valuation, benefits of trade agreements.
• Obstacles to the entry of products: technical regulations and sanitary provisions.
• Rules of origin: Study on the application of general and specific regulations to specific products, audits to verify compliance, as well as advice on the correct filling out of documents.
Commercial litigation proceedings
• Safeguard measures: defense of clients’ interests with respect to governmental limitations on increased imports.
• Unfair trade practices: assistance in Dumping processes, subsidies and other measures contrary to the trade liberalization regulations.
• Verification of origin: analysis of compliance with the rules of origin established in trade agreements and defense of the clients’ positions.
• Dispute settlement: formation of cases in which it is considered that the States have not complied with commitments acquired in international agreements, as well as all of their processing.
• Tailor-made studies: determination of the feasibility of the productive activity to be initiated in the region, applying indicators by which to compare the strengths and weaknesses of the countries, as well as of the specific sector.
• Production incentives: analysis of the legal mechanisms to establish tax benefits and other benefits provided for in legislation, applying special customs systems.
• Business protection: identification of governmental obligations aimed at ensuring legal stability for investors, as provided for in local legislation and investment promotion and protection agreements.


• Applicable regulations: limitations in local legislation and multilateral regulations regarding the development of certain activities and the benefits derived from trade agreements.
• Sectoral positioning: study of particular situations, establishment of scenarios, strategy formulation, preparation of documents and follow-up with public and private authorities.
• Procedures to be approved: determination of requirements, preparation of record files, processing in public offices, including immigration aspects.

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