Market access regulations

Compliance with requirements

analysis and review of documents in a legal and technical manner, regarding ingredients, labeled additives, production processes and other elements, to ensure that the clients’ products can be sold in compliance with applicable and current regulations.

Paperwork procedures

Correct formation of files, ensure that the documents to be submitted are correct, filing of the procedure before the competent authority and follow-up stages up to obtaining the licenses, registrations and governmental permits in the areas of health, environment, agriculture, energy, public and municipal safety.

Advertising and promotions

Review of advertising campaigns plans to determine whether they comply with the applicable regulations, advice on formats and contents, as well as the processes for the authorization of the official offices related to the subject matter.

Consumer law

Study of cases related to supplier and users rights, establishing the manner in which certain activities, such as offer and promotions, must be carried out. Processing of authorizations and of notices to the authorities on related situations.

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